The machines available mean we can provide you with the best in cost and service terms. They include:

Sawing machine TSUNE TK5M  150GL

Disc sawing machine for cutting aluminum bars with maximum dimensions of 120 x 80 mm, for the flat, and 130 x 130 mm for the square.

Sawing machine SIMAX 150

This sawing machine is used in the cutting of the flat section bars, square and round.
Machinery-loading of the bars.
Round bars from from 50 mm of minimum size to 160 mm of maximum size.
Square bar from 40 mm of minimum size to 110mm of maximum size.

Disc saw SIMEC CICLOMEC121 steel cut

Max cutting size PT 100X70 – QD 80

Band saw FRIGGI SF 300NC steel cut

Max cutting size TD 300 – QD 300

Band saw FRIGGI ONL 460X460 ACN steel cut

Max cutting size TD 460 – QD 460

Disc saw ADIGE CM 601 aluminum cut

Max cutting size PT 100X50 – QD 80

Shot blasting machine – Sandblasting

We have installed a system of shot blasting / sandblasting for all our blocks cut in steel and aluminum.

N°2 marking EC7

Used for marking each single item with the code provided by the customer.

N°7 chamfering OMCA 650/A

Used for chamfering the sharp edges and for the control of orthogonality of the cut.

IGQ Certificate